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Updated 03-03-2014

No Gun Grab in My County

479 483 County Sheriffs Have Said “NO” to Gun Control


As of March 03, 2014, 483 Sheriffs, 17 State Sheriffs Associations, and 6 Police Chiefs have announced that they will refuse to enforce any and all unconstitutional gun control measures being enacted or enforced by the Federal Government or any of its agencies.

Let us begin by remembering, first and foremost, that the sole purpose of the Constitution for these United States is to limit the powers and jurisdiction of the federal government. It is the cage in which our founding fathers intended to keep the governmental entity they had just created. They knew, all too well, how easily a central government could grow into an all-consuming beast, usurping powers that were granted not to the government, but rather to the several states or to the people of those states.

Sadly, their intent has been corrupted: our central government (aka FedGov) has over-reached its bounds, increasing its power & influence in areas that it was specifically prohibited from being involved in.

And we have let that happen, under the misguided belief (fostered by our national education system) that the FedGov has the power and the authority to do pretty much as they will. Even though, if you look, you will find that none of their supposed authority is outlined in those original documents. In fact, much of what they claim as their authority is specifically prohibited by those documents.

As an example, consider the Federal Reserve — a private central bank, neither federal nor reserve in nature — which creates money out of thin air. Congress alone shall have the power to coin money, yet the Federal Reserve, a private central bank, simply prints more, then loans it at interest to our FedGov to cover its existing debt.

Likewise, so too does our FedGov create much of its authority out of whole cloth: they enact laws, which are in clear violation of our Constitution, then claim the authority to enforce those laws (or worse: demand that the states do the enforcing). And we have been conditioned to accept their mandates.

However, when we finally open our eyes to the truth, solutions begin to appear.
The ongoing gun control debates have proven to be the catalyst that may actually solve the problem.

I have always maintained that Local LEOs will NOT participate in any government sponsored confiscation of firearms. Especially county Sheriffs, whose sworn duty is to protect the citizens of their county from criminals, enemies of the constitution, both foreign and domestic.


Sheriffs Line Do Not Cross
In reading some constitutional history, I happened upon a document whose premise was that the local Sheriffs are the sovereign and original law of the land. They are duly sworn to uphold the Constitutions, first of the United States, and also of their state jurisdictions.

Also, I was recently introduced to Sheriff Richard Mack’s outstanding website: Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Sheriff Mack has several interviews that explain very succinctly the role of the local Sheriff and their duty to protect their citizenry from threats to their liberty.
The Sheriff is the “law of the land” within their county. As such the Sheriff is subordinate to no-one, including any and all FedGov Quasi-Military Police Forces or Agencies.

It is time for our local Sheriffs to tell the FedGov law enforcement agencies to kindly vacate their county and return to Washington DC from whence they came, and where they rightly (and strictly) belong.

Sheriff Mack’s call to action, and the rousing (and growing) support of Sheriffs around the country, to stand up and say NO to any further infringement, of any kind, on ANY of our unaliable rights, is both noteworthy and heart-warming. As is the increasing number of Sheriffs and Police Agencies who support his actions.

I have decided to join the CSPOA, as a civilian “posse” member. And I strongly encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Civilians are welcome, for $35 annually; LEO and military can join for $25 per year. (Other than my respect & support of the organization, I am not affiliated with them; I receive no monetary compensation for my solicitation on their behalf).

I have contacted my local Sheriff, thanking him for being involved with the CSPOA and supporting their stand on this most basic right of we, the citizenry. If your county Sheriff has taken this courageous stand, or is a member of CSPOA, send him (or her) a quick “thank you” note: they do appreciate knowing that they are supported by their citizens. If your county Sheriff has NOT joined CSPOA, or has not put their name on the roster of these patriot Sheriffs, I encourage you to write them, call them, email them, and write them again, explaining your dissatisfaction with their position on this most important issue: your rights as Citizens, and their Responsibilities as Sheriffs. You can always remind them that they are voted into office: sometimes coercion can be your ally.

A Bit Of Constitutional History:

It is important to understand that any and all of our ‘rights’ are not granted by this Constitution. Our rights are inherent: as free men (& women), those rights are ours by the mere fact the we live and breathe. The Constitution merely re-affirms those inherent rights, and those rights are so fundamentally important that our founding fathers felt compelled to include their affirmation in those documents.

The Constitution, and its attendant “Bill of Rights” (the first 10 amendments), is the directive that limits the powers & authority of the federal government.
And that limiting is finalized by the 10th Amendment which states, in essence, any powers not specifically granted in the Constitution or these first ten amendments, are left to the states or to the people.

US Flag & Barbed WireIn the course of our short history, the FedGov has continuously expanded its reach of power, at the cost of our personal liberties, both as local governments and as citizens. The FedGov has convinced us that they have the authority to enact and enforce their unconstitutional activities. More than any previous administration, the Obama Regime is guilty of this treasonous, tyrannical behavior.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

From the CSPOA Website:

The county sheriff is the last line of defense when it comes to upholding and defending the Constitution. The sheriff’s duties and obligations go far beyond writing tickets, arresting criminals and operating jails.

We also have an obligation to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens in our counties. This includes the right to free speech, the right to assemble and the right to bear arms.

Remember the oath. We took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign AND domestic.

In the history of our world, it is government tyranny that has violated the freedoms granted to us by our Creator more than any other. And it is the duty of the sheriff to protect their counties from those that would take away our freedoms, both foreign AND domestic – whether it is a terrorist from Yemen or a bureaucrat from Washington, DC.

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