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We Are Hearing More & More Talk of ‘Nullification’ …
and Seeing Bills Introduced in a Growing Number of States
That Speak Directly to ‘Nullfication.’

The Tenth Amendment Reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This Amendment strictly limits the powers of the Federal Government to those specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Those powers are further limited by the first nine amendments; this tenth amendment is the proverbial coffin-nail, reaffirming the limited powers of the FedGov.

The founding fathers were deliberate in their choices of words and meanings. It is clear that this tenth amendment was specifically included to remind the FedGov that they shall not overstep their bounds.

We have recently seen, of course, the FedGov grossly overstepping their bounds. Their overreaching ‘authority’ has eroded citizens’ fundamental rights on many fronts.

In response, states have begun to introduce ‘nullification’ bills which prohibit the enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws. In essence, the states are saying “NO!” to the FedGov’s attempts to curb the rights of the law abiding citizenry. And they are doing that by enacting laws which make it illegal to enforce or aid & abet the enforcement of specific federal laws.

Unintended Consequences of an Over-Reaching FedGov

Over the last few years, dozens of states have introduced legislation designed to reject federal mandates such as Real ID, Mandatory ObamaCare, the use of drones for domestic law enforcement action, and of course, gun control.

Currently, 32 states have introduced nullification bills in response to the FedGov’s efforts to enact sweeping unconstitutional gun control laws. Of those 32 states, six have seen the bills pass in at least one chamber of their state legislature.

Montana has just passed such a bill in both of its legislative chambers.

On March 11, the Idaho State House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved (55-13) a bill prohibiting the enforcement of any ban or restriction on the ownership of a semi-auto or any magazine within the state. The bill would make it a FELONY offense to confiscate the firearm or magazine of a law-abiding citizen.

This bill also allows for criminal penalties of $1000 in fines and a year in jail if any state official, agent or employee is caught enforcing any federal regulation of semi-auto firearms or magazines.

Our Message Is Getting Out …

We are finally sending a message — a very loud & unmistakably clear message — that we will no longer tolerate any furtherance of the FedGov’s intrusion into and trampling upon our fundamental rights. We are adamant in our convictions, to the point that we will criminalize the attempted enforcement of those unconstitutional laws.

Movement is underway in dozens of counties and local governments across the country to follow in the footsteps of Montana, Idaho, and other states. Local grassroots action such as this constitutes the basis of Nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, and should be heralded as the patriotic actions of citizens and their local governments who are willing to stand up and say “NO” to an out of control FedGov.

We have graciously borrowed some model templates from The Tenth Amendment Center, that can be used to draft Nullification Petitions for your local city or county government consideration. These can be found on their site, or in our Political Action Resources:


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