About “Knight Owl Defense”

We established Knight-Owl Defense to answer a need … to provide everyday practical self-defense training to the armed citizen.

It was about a dozen years ago when I first got involved with firearms, and the concepts of self-defense, training, and concealed carry.

I attended an approved firearms training course to fulfill one of the requirements to get my CCW permit. After completing the course and getting my permit, I honestly felt woefully under-educated in the proper use of firearms, especially in any defensive scenario. The training I had received offered little, if any, practical information of value regarding self-defense, or even simple subjects such as which type of gun to choose, what ammo is most effective, what type of holster, and the list goes on.

So I took it upon myself to search out and learn all that I could … I found many valuable resources (and many many not-so-great ones too) that offered insights into the world of the gun culture, especially self-defense. I will share the knowledge I gleaned, as well as the skills I was taught, on these pages. Additionally, see our “resources” page for links to some of the best firearms related sites on the web.

I have earned several NRA Certifications as an instructor in a variety of disciplines, and through the years I have taught NRA course material to people so they can qualify for CCW permits.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a few multi-day training courses taught by one of six Master Instructors who had been so designated by the late great Col. Jeff Cooper.  Col. Cooper founded the original ‘Orange’ Gunsite Academy, where he taught what  he called the Modern Technique of the Pistol.

Cooper’s Modern Technique emphasises pragmatic use of The Triad of Gun Handling, Marksmanship and Mindset in order to overcome and survive a deadly encounter.

We adhere to his principles in our training, and break down each of those elements into blocks or modules that are easy to understand and master, even for (or perhaps, especially for) the newcomer in the firearms world.