Practical Self-Defense Training for the Armed Citizen

When Seconds Count …
… And Help Is Minutes Away

bad guy with knife

The Right Training
Might Just Save Your Life.

‘Chances Are’

This Won’t Happen To You

You’ll Probably Never
Find Yourself Face To Face
With An Armed Attacker
Intent On Doing You Harm

But If It Ever Does …

That Is Not The Time To Think:
“I Can’t Believe This Is Happening
And I Don’t Know What To Do”

Get Practical Self-Defense Training That You Can Use To Survive a Deadly Encounter

Be Prepared / Have A Plan
Your Life Could Depend On It

Here Are A Few Statistics, to give you a perspective:

See our ‘statistics’ page for more information and source references. Unlike 42.8% of websites and 97.3% of politicians, we don’t simply invent our statistics (except for those two).

Every year, on average in the U.S., some of the risks you face include:

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We Also Put An Emphasis on Current Political Events:

Sheriff’s Line: DO NOT CROSS

Updated 03-03-2014

No Gun Grab in My County

479 483 County Sheriffs Have Said “NO” to Gun Control


As of March 03, 2014, 483 Sheriffs, 17 State Sheriffs Associations, and 6 Police Chiefs have announced that they will refuse to enforce any and all unconstitutional gun control measures being enacted or enforced by the Federal Government or any of its agencies.

Let us begin by remembering, first and foremost, that the sole purpose of the Constitution for these United States is to limit the powers and jurisdiction of the federal government. It is the cage in which our founding fathers intended to keep the governmental entity they had just created. They knew, all too well, how easily a central government could grow into an all-consuming beast, usurping powers that were granted not to the government, but rather to the several states or to the people of those states.

Sadly, their intent has been corrupted: our central government (aka FedGov) has over-reached its bounds, increasing its power & influence in areas that it was specifically prohibited from being involved in.

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